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This is a place built on Americana, Rock n Roll, Western and Moto culture.

We are internationally known for our extensive vintage western cowboy boot wall, Ford truck bed filled with vintage western snap ups and on trend ladies fashion. We carry both men's and women's clothing, boots and accessories including handmade Navajo Native sterling silver and turquoise jewelry. We encourage our customers to rock their individual style, stay true to who they are.

No Rules just rad shit and cowboy boots.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do you Consign?
    Thanks for thinking of us. We do not actually consign items. We buy everything we have outright. If you are interested in selling unique items that fit our aesthetic, please email photos and product info to or DM us on Instagram.  

  2. Is your Artwork for Sale?
    No, we love it too much. 

  3. Are you Dog Friendly?
    It's in our name ;). We love our dog customers and have treats ready at all times. 

  4. Can I Order Online for Pickup?

  5. What is your Return Policy?
    Please see

  6. Cowboy Boots in Seattle?!
    F*ck Yeah! Here are a few reasons - 
    - Have you ever looked at a picture of Guns N' Roses or Motley Crüe?
    - Venture about 20 minutes outside of Seattle and you'll see a whole lot of them
    - Many cowboy boots are designed to hold up while mucking stalls, so they can handle the elements around here

  7. Do you Make your own Cowboy Boots?
    While we don't make the boots ourselves, we select only the finest to form our carefully curated collection. We condition, test, and repair all our boots before they set foot in our store (pun intended).

  8.  Do you sell both New and Vintage Items?

  9. Which items are Vintage*?
    All of our Snapups, Flannels, Boots, Bolos, Belt Buckles, and select Belts and Jackets are Vintage* along with rotating curated collections.
    *While Vintage technically means 20+ years old, we rope some additional second-hand items into our vintage collections for simplicity's sake. If you would like any specifics about the age of certain items, please feel free to ask us any questions!